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EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a methodology for using a non-human system to learn from experience and imitate human intelligent behavior. The EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the general principles. This syllabus covers the potential benefits; types of Artificial Intelligence; the basic process of Machine Learning (ML); the challenges and risks associated with an AI project, and the future of AI and Humans in work.

You will be able to

  • Recall the general definition of human and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Describe ‘learning from experience’ and how it relates to Machine Learning (ML) (Tom Mitchell’s explicit definition).
  • Understand that ML is a significant contribution to the growth of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Describe how AI is part of ‘Universal Design,’ and ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
  • Describe the challenges of Artificial Intelligence, and give general examples of the limitations of AI compared to human systems, general ethical challenges AI raises.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the risks of Artificial Intelligence, identify a typical funding source for AI projects and list opportunities for AI.
  • Demonstrate an understanding that Artificial Intelligence (in particular, Machine Learning) will drive humans and machines to work together;
  • List future directions of humans and machines working together.

Who is this certification for?

The Artificial Intelligence Essentials certificate is focused on individuals with an interest in, (or need to implement) AI in an organization, especially those working in areas such as science, engineering, knowledge engineering, finance, or IT services.

What will I learn?

  • Artificial and Human Intelligence: An Introduction and History
  • Examples of AI: Benefits, Challenges and Risks
  • An introduction to Machine Learning
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Human and Machine Together

How do I get this certification?

What are the benefits of gaining a EXIN certification?

Be one of the millions certified for Digital Competency.
Map your skills and identify your goals along your career path by following the SFIAplus industry-standard framework.
Gain an internationally recognised certification, enabling you to take your skills around the world.

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